Asieh Salimian

Asieh Salimian

Professional Summary:

Asieh Salimian is a dedicated and accomplished arts professional with a passion for curating and promoting diverse contemporary artists. During her tenure from 2015 to 2016 at 'Factory TT,' she played a pivotal role in its establishment and growth, contributing to various aspects from conceptualization to successful execution. She thrives in creating engaging exhibitions that showcase talented artists from diverse backgrounds.

Work Experience:

Curator and Art Manager, Factory TT (2015 - Present)

During her tenure from 2015 to 2016, Asieh had the opportunity to be actively involved with the platform ‘Factory TT,’ where she played a pivotal role in its establishment and growth. This venture offered her a chance to contribute to various aspects of the platform, spanning from initial conceptualization to its successful execution.

Over time, ‘Factory TT’ evolved into a thriving entity, and its achievements were prominently showcased through a series of exhibitions and events. Notable exhibitions where ‘Factory TT’ made its mark include:

Artists Showcased:

Asieh had the privilege of showcasing numerous talented artists during the notable exhibitions at 'Factory TT.' The artists included but were not limited to: