Pass, 2021
Art Site-Specific Exhibition (also live Online Streamed)

The exhibition Pass, held from June 25 to August 27, 2021, showcased the works of six talented Iranian artists: Tara Abtahi, Shahram Entekhabi, Hanie Kashani, Shiva Seyedi, Farnaz Naserbakht, and Hesam Nikfal. Organized by Factory TT and Asieh Salimian as the invited curator, this unique exhibition provided a platform for artists to present their works, engage with audiences, and ignite artistic activism.

Amidst the challenging backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, which severely restricted artistic activities both in Iran and worldwide, the exhibition emerged as a creative solution. Shahram Entekhabi devised an innovative approach by inviting his performance artist friends to an outdoor field in Tehran. Through live performances and spontaneous creations, the artists showcased their works, which were simultaneously streamed online. This digital element expanded the exhibition's reach, exemplifying the potential of virtual platforms to connect artists and audiences seamlessly.

Iran's current societal circumstances present significant challenges to artists, as their creative innovation and expression face limitations within conventional frameworks. Subcultures are at risk of extinction, and transparent and predictable thoughts dominate the artistic landscape. In such an environment, artists play a vital role in promoting cultural diversity and driving social progress through their work. By forging unconventional paths, creating new structures, and exploring alternative expressions, artists overcome these obstacles, offering meaningful experiences to their audiences.

Organizing exhibitions in Iran can be particularly challenging due to limited resources and infrastructure. This underscores the importance of artistic activism, whereby artists leverage their creativity and resourcefulness to take on the responsibility of creating and sharing their works. Through this activism, artists advocate for greater support and recognition from society and the government, promoting the arts and inspiring change in environments where independent institutions and support for the arts may be lacking.

The Pass exhibition, organized by Factory TT and Asieh Salimian, with Shahram Entekhabi as the invited curator, was a remarkable event that not only showcased the diverse works of Iranian artists but also highlighted the significance of artistic activism in fostering cultural diversity and driving social progress. By embracing virtual platforms, the exhibition successfully connected artists and audiences, providing a vital space for artistic innovation and expression within challenging circumstances. Pass, serves as a testament to the resilience and creativity of Iranian artists, illustrating the potential of virtual exhibitions to transcend physical limitations and create meaningful experiences for a global audience.

نمایشگاه مجازی گذر

تارا ابطحی, شهرام انتخابی, هانیه کاشانی, شیوا سیدی, فرناز ناصربخت, و حسام نیک‌ فال
تیر تا ۵ شهریور ۱۴۰۰ فکتوری تی تی , تهران - برلین
در زمانی که انسان معاصر که دچار رخوت ذهنی شده در غالب ظاهری فعال ظاهر می‌شود و خلاقیت و فعالیت های هنری و اجتماعی محدود به یک سلسله چارچوب ها شده و خرده فرهنگ ها رو به نابودی می‌روند و انسانی شیشه ای با افکار و خلاقیت قابل پیش بینی متولد می‌شود؛ چرا که این چارچوب ها هستند که مسیر افکار را مشخص می‌کنند. هنرمند در این زمان مسئولیت ابداع ساختاری جدید و بیانی نو را به عهده می‌گیرد و قدم در مسیری غیر معمول می‌گذارد

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Asieh Salimian is a curator and art critic, specializing in contemporary art.(Berlin) and Iran (Tehran).
She holds a Master of arts in research and works as a freelance curator, living and working between Europe . She was born in 1988 in Isfahan.